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Reliable, dedicated server hosting

Appsolute IT 0

Unlike our competitors, Appsolute IT hosts your web site, email, and applications on dedicated servers. This means your data isn’t shared with a bunch of other clients, and is therefore far more secure. Also, we monitor our server for outages and can respond immediately to problems rather than waiting for a 3rd party hosting provider to take action which can take hours or even days.

A big problem with standard hosting packages is that your data gets shared with everyone else, meaning if any other client on that shared server causes performance problems, gets hacked or otherwise causes problems, it will impact your site as well. With shared hosting, you’re in economy class where the goal of the provider is to cram as many clients on their servers as possible with little concern for each client’s site.

So if you want reliable dedicated hosting, contact us today. We can also migrate all your data across for you and make the transition easy. No more slow sites, security issues and outages!