Mobile apps

Appsolute IT specialise in the development of custom mobile applications for both the Apple iOS (iPhone/iPad/Watch) and Google Android platforms. Mobile applications are a great compliment to your existing web site and marketing strategy as they make it easy for people to access your business from mobile devices.

In addition to custom mobile applications, we are experts at designing responsive websites. Responsive websites adjust to match the screen size and orientation of different devices, making your web site more accessible and usable on mobile devices such as phones and tablets.

We can build apps on their relevant platforms (iOS, Android) or we can use a framework to build a multi-OS compatible solution that can support different mobile platforms (iOS, Android, Windows etc) without requiring a complete rewrite for each platform.

There is an ever increasing trend in the use of mobile devices and it is becoming more and more crucial to ensure your web site correctly targets users on these devices.

Custom apps

Do you have a great idea for a business? Does it need a custom software solution? If so, Appsolute IT are the people to talk to.

We are experts are building custom software application using the latest and great PHP and Javascript frameworks. We build on these foundations to ensure your application is easy to deploy and scale as required. These frameworks also serve as the backbone for any mobile applications you may want to introduce in the future.

Our custom applications are all hosted on dedicated servers that we manage ourselves. Unlike our competitors, we ensure you are given a dedicated, managed environment for applications, rather than a shared hosting solution where your application and data are shared with hundreds of other users, limiting performance and reliability.

We also ensure your application is properly monitors and provide uptime reports, as well as detailed analytics.

So if you need an application, or have an existing application that you would like us to manage, please, get in contact via our contact form or leave us a message.